Top 11 things to do in Scotland – part 2

If you’re thinking about Scotland and you don’t know what to start with, this guide will help you organize a trip U.K.’s northernmost country. More importantly, you’ll find places that you shouldn’t be missing while visiting Scotland. From castles and beautiful landscapes to fancy places, here is the ultimate Scotland travel guide

Visit Blair Castle

Most Scottish Castles are nowadays just remnants of grandiose architecture. Blair Castle is definitely not one of those. It is, on the contrary, one of the most spectacular castles I’ve seen. Its simple and white exterior is powerfully contrasting with the magnificent indoor design. Besides architecture, at Blair Castle you can enjoy the nature. A beautiful garden and a wooded grove surround this spectacular castle. And, while you are here, you can also visit a red deer park. 

Don’t miss Eilean Donan Castle

One of Scotland’s outstanding castles is definitely Eilean Donan Castle. It’s also the one of the most iconic images of Scotland. The name of ‘Eilean Donan’ comes from the Gaelic meaning ‘Island of Donan’ – “Eilean means “Island” and “Donan”is believed to be an Irish Saint. The position of this castles is what makes it more attractive because Eilean Donan is situated on an island at the point where three great sea lochs (lakes) meet. There is something inexplicably beautiful about this castles. Is gives you the impression that the place and its surroundings are out of this world.

See an ancient tree

If you’re a nature lover you should definitely see this amazing yew estimated to be around 5,000 years old. The Fortingall Yew is certainly U.K.’s oldest tree and probably the oldest living in  Europe. The yew (common name given to an evergreen conifer; its scientific name is taxus baccata) was found in the cemetery of Fortingall village in Perthshire. It is so old that is has split in two halves. It’s a wonder of nature so don’t miss while you visit Scotland. 

Visit an Island

One of the things you have to do in Scotland is a trip to Isle of Lewis. I personally have never seen landscapes that resemble those on the Isle of Lewis. From magical sunsets in the city of Stornoway to lunar landscape, this island is the place where Mother Nature has perfected artworks. If you are looking for a place to be alone but also to enjoy the beauties of the earth, Isle of Lewis is perfect for you. 

It’s not hard to get there. The Ullapool – Stornoway ferry route connects Scotland with Isle of Lewis and you’ll be there in less than 3 hours. You might consider spending at least one night on the island so you can see all of its beauties, such as Butt of Lewis – the most northerly point of Lewis.

Hug a stone

I know it probably sounds funny but this is something you have to try. And where else if not in a place with a very high energy load. You might even feel a little bit of energy going through your body. The Callanish Standind Stones are an arrangement of standing stones placed in a cruciform pattern. You can say they are the Scottish version of Stonehenge but the place is truly unique. These 5,000 year old stones are one of the most spectacular megalithic monuments in Scotland.

Eat Chic

Imagine that you are in Glasgow and you want to have dinner in a stylish, lavishly decorated building. The Corinthian Club offers you the opportunity to enjoy delicious food in a majestic setting. Prepare your camera because this is definitely an instagram-worthy place ?. 

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